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In the summer of 1978, US President Jimmy Carter proclaimed a University Press Week “in recognition of the impact, both here and abroad, of American university presses on culture and scholarship.”

When as president I proclaimed a “University Press Week” in 1978, I did so to honor the important role of university presses in advancing and preserving knowledge. Since then my personal appreciation and understanding of university presses has deepened. I have been proud to have a number of books of mine published by the University of Arkansas Press and to have contributed to other university press publications. University press books about my life and administration have impressed me with their scholarship. I am glad that “University Press Week” will again be celebrated. The special character and contribution of university presses should be better known and better supported.

—Jimmy Carter, July 16, 2012
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Read the entire Carter Proclamation.

In 2012, as part of its 75th anniversary, the Association of University Presses revived the idea of this celebration to recognize the impact that a global community of university presses has on every one of us. We mark University Press Week each November with a new theme, events, featured university press works, blog tours, and more.

Read more about how we’ve celebrated UP Week annually since then, including a special look-back at a Decade of Excellence during UP Week’s 10th anniversary in 2021.

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