Look Back: UP Week 2012

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Our inaugural UP Week blog tour featured posts from 26 presses, considering “why university presses matter,” among other topics. Read more > 


“The Twenty-First-Century University Press: Assessing the Past, Envisioning the Future,”  a plenary presentation at the Charleston Library Conference, highlighted the ways in which university presses are meeting current challenges and positioning their organizations for increased service and relevance in the digital age. Speakers included:

  • Douglas Armato, University of Minnesota Press
  • Allison Mudditt, University of California Press
  • Moderated by Leila Salisbury, University Press of Mississippi.

Armato looked at the forces in play that could help to resolve tension as presses adapt their mission to the far more dynamic, digitally interlinked, and innovative scholarly environment that still remains in its infancy. Mudditt explored how university presses are in a unique position to provide solutions and make complex information accessible, promoting access to and engagement with this knowledge among scholars, students, and public audiences. Full remarks available here >

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