Look Back: UP Week 2014

Blog Tour

This year’s blog tour highlighted collaboration among university presses.
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“Collaboration in Scholarly Publishing,” an online panel moderated by Jennifer Howard (Chronicle of Higher Education), highlighted three exemplary online projects:

  • Princeton University Press and Caltech’s Einstein Papers Project provides the first complete picture of Albert Einstein’s massive written legacy. Discussed by press director Peter Dougherty.
  • National Academies Press’s AcademyScope is a visualization of all books available on NAP.edu, allowing readers to browse through National Academies’ work by topic area and to see relationships between titles. Discussed by press director Barbara Kline Pope (also president of the American Association of University Presses).
  • University of North Texas Press, University of North Texas Sub-Antarctic Biocultural Conservation Program, and University of Magallanes’ Magellanic Sub-Antarctic Ornithology project is the result of a decade of research conducted by scientists associated with the Omora Ethnobotanical Park in the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve in Chile. Discussed by press director Ron Chrisman.

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The Association at a glance during UP Week 2014.

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