Look Back: UP Week 2015

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This year’s blog tour highlighted some surprising aspects of university press publishing.
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This year, the University Press Week Task Force organized and hosted two online events:

The Reinvention of the Academic Book

How to publish the best possible scholarship in the best possible way is at the heart of the value of university presses and the future of the academic book. There are two parallel streams of technological and cultural change that drive these debates: the model for access to scholarship (we might think of this as “who pays?”) and the format or process for “publishing” scholarship (particularly in the long-form focused fields of the humanities and social sciences.) This discussion between thinkers and practitioners swimming in both streams included:

  • Frances Pinter, Manchester University Press/Knowledge Unlatched
  • Peter Suber, Harvard University Berkman Center for Internet & Society
  • Augusta Rohrbach, author, Thinking Outside the Book
  • Matthew K. Gold, CUNY Graduate Center and Manifold project team
  • Moderated by Jennifer Howard, Chronicle of Higher Education.

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It’s Not Scary: The Art of Getting Published with a Scholarly Press

Getting from idea to published book can be tricky to navigate. This panel will discuss tips and strategies for working with scholarly presses on the life of your book—from proposal to sales and marketing. Speakers included:

  • Jennifer Crewe, Director, Columbia University Press
  • Brian Halley, Senior Editor, University of Massachusetts Press
  • Christie Henry, Editorial Director, Science, Social Science, and Reference, University of Chicago Press
  • Ivan Lett, Director of Communications, Columbia University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  • Moderated by Ada Brunstein, Executive Editor, Oxford University Press.

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UP Week 2015 also coincided with the first Academic Book Week (#AcBookWeek), a program launched by the Academic Book of the Future project in the UK. Its organizers write, “#AcBookWeek is aimed at and created by all those who write, make, sell, work with, or read, academic books. For the first time, booksellers, institutions, publishers, librarians, authors and readers will come together to debate and bring to life the academic book in a series of coordinated events, competitions, promotions, and social media activity.” A look back at #AcBookWeek events is available here.


Our thanks to Princeton University Press designer Jess Massabrook for designing the beautiful UP Week 2015 infographics depicting Association members’ Media Hits and Major Awards.

And see “Surprising Facts About University Presses and Ingram.”  Did you know that Ingram has sold 6,000 children and teen titles from university presses in the past year?

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