Look Back: UP Week 2016

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This year’s blog tour explored our university press community.
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This year, the University Press Week Task Force organized and hosted two events on YouTube Live:

Serious Books for the Serious Reader
Readers are one of the most essential communities for publishers, bookstores, and authors. The panelists (below) talked about the work and thought that goes into how good books get from author to reader:

  • Jeff Deutsch, Director, Seminary Co-op
  • Brady Dyer, Manager of Marketing and Communications, University of Texas Press
  • Lanora Haradon, Midwest Sales Rep, MIT, Princeton, and Yale University Presses
  • Kurt Hettler, Director, Ingram Academic Services, Ingram
  • Moderated by Fredric Nachbaur, Director, Fordham University Press and UP Week Task Force Chair

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Scholars and Editors on Social Media
Communities of scholars and editors have always been essential to the work of university presses. Today these communities often form and find each other via social media. Editors and scholars gathered in an Art of Acquisitions Hangout to discuss this, including:

  • Gregory Britton, Editorial Director, John Hopkins University Press
  • Elizabeth Demers, Senior Editor, Johns Hopkins University Press
  • Gita Manaktala, Editorial Director, MIT Press
  • Patricia Matthew, Associate Professor of English, Montclair State University
  • Sara Pritchard, Associate Professor of Science and Technology Studies, Cornell University
  • Roopika Risam, Assistant Professor of English, Salem State University

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The Association at a glance during UP Week 2016.

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Selected stories about UP Week 2016.

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