UP Week 2014 Blog Tour

In the spirit of partnership that pervades the university press community, 32 presses united for the third annual UP Week blog tour, highlighting the value of collaboration within the scholarly community.

Monday: Collaboration

University of California Press
Collaboration On the Front Lines of the Ebola Epidemic

University of Chicago Press
Turabian Teacher Collaborative

Duke University Press
Eben Kirksey on Collaboration at the Intersection of Anthropology and Biology

University of Georgia Press
The University of Georgia Press and New Georgia Encyclopedia: A Collaboration of Like Minds

Johns Hopkins University Press
on 20th anniversary of Project MUSE

McGill-Queen’s University Press
Landscape Architecture in Collaboration

Texas A&M University Press
Consumer Health Advocacy Book Author Discusses Collaboration

University of Virginia Press
The Art of Collaboration

Yale University Press
Museum Quality Books: Sculpting the Shadow

Tuesday: Your University Press in Pictures

University Press of Florida >

Fordham University Press >

Indiana University Press >

Johns Hopkins University Press >

Stanford University Press
To Make A Book (Circa 1960)

Wednesday: University Presses in Popular Culture

Georgetown University Press
Watch Spy Shows with Georgetown University Press

University Press of Kentucky
His Life on the Blacklist

University Press of Mississippi
Walt Before Mickey

University of Pennsylvania Press
Where Knowledge Finds a Voice

Princeton University Press
Princeton at the Movies

University of Wisconsin Press:
Ripped from the Headlines: Timely Books Bring Depth to Public Debates and Issues

Throwback Thursday

Harvard University Press
Backlist or Decemberists?

MIT Press
Featuring Muriel Cooper

Temple University Press
Look at Temple University Press’s Influential Asian American History and Culture Series

University of Toronto Press
Throwback to Canada’s History

University of Washington Press
Behind the Covers: Six Classics of Asian American Literature, Then and Now

Wesleyan University Press
An Alice Notley Poem

Follow Friday

Columbia University Press
University Press Roundup Manifesto

University of Illinois Press
Following the Geopolitics of Information

Island Press
What Has Our Attention: Island Press Editors Speak

University of Minnesota Press
Writing the Continuous Book

University of Nebraska Press
Why Should We Follow You?

NYU Press
Announcing the New Keywords