UP Week 2016 Blog Tour

Each year, we take a tour of blogs in our larger community, with themed series each day bringing us to new and varied voices. This year we took a deep dive into what “community” signifies for university presses. 

Monday: The People in Our Neighborhood

Northwestern University Press
People in Our Neighborhood

Rutgers University Press
A Reflection on the Past Year’s Conversations, Celebrations, and the Books They Inspired

Fordham University Press

University of Toronto Press
Shared Values: A Partnership between UTP and the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre

University of Toronto Press Journals
The People in Our Neighborhood

Seminary Co-op Bookstores
The People in Our Neighborhood: A #UPWeek Reading List

Athabasca University Press

University Press of Florida
Welcome to Our Neighborhood

Tuesday: Indie Bound

University of Texas Press
Find Community at Your Local Independent Bookstore

University of Calgary Press

Cornell University Press
It Takes a Village: Eight Tips for Surviving in the Age of Amazon

University Press of Colorado
Bookstores We Love

Seminary Co-op Bookstores
Selections from The Front Table

McGill-Queen’s University Press
Let Us Now Praise the Booksellers

Duke University Press
Governor Jerry Brown, City Lights Bookstore, and a Bulgarian Adventure

NYU Press
Brooklyn Book Festival Recap

University Press of Kentucky
#ReadUP in the Community

University Press of Kansas
An Ode to the Independents

Wednesday: UP Staff Spotlight

Seminary Co-op Bookstores
John Eklund

Wayne State University Press
Rachel Ross

University of Washington Press
Niccole Leilanionapae‘āina Coggins on community and food sovereignty

University Press of Mississippi
Valerie Jones

University of Wisconsin Press
Terry Emmrich: The Art and Craft of Print

Johns Hopkins University Press
Debby Bors: Why I Work at a University Press

University of Chicago Press
Levi Stahl on Community and the Parker Novels

Princeton University Press

Purdue University Press
Dianna Gilroy: The Human-Animal Bond

Thursday: Throwback to the Future

Yale University Press
Mass Media and the Global Village

Indiana University Press
The Bicentennial Bookshelf

Seminary Co-op Bookstores
Throw Back to the Future

University of Michigan Press
Throw Back to the Future

IPR License
How IPR License Is Working with and Supporting University Presses around the World

Columbia University Press
The SAAD Series and Collaborative Publishing

University of Toronto Press Journals
Out with the Old, In with the New

University of Georgia Press
#CharlestonSyllabus and Scholarship in the Age of the Hashtag


University of California Press
The Fifth Beginning

Seminary Co-op Bookstores
Follow Friday: University Press Authors

University of Nebraska Press

University of Minnesota Press

University of North Carolina Press
UNC Press Publishing Partners

MIT Press
Following the Bookstore to Its New Location