UP Week 2020 Blog Tour

Each year, we take a tour of the blogs in our larger community, with a series that daily addresses different aspects of the week’s theme. This year we celebrate the ways in which university presses help Raise UP a variety of voices and ideas.

And be sure to check out the UP Week 2020 blog post series by Book Culture bookstore in New York (listed with links below), featuring conversations with university press publishers from Cambridge, Columbia, Fordham, NYU, SUNY, and Duke!

Monday: New Voices

University of Illinois Press
Meet the Press, Acquisitions Edition: An Interview with Alison Syring

Georgetown University Press
An Interview with Senior Acquisitions Editor Hilary Claggett

Duke University Press
Raising Up the Work of First-Time Authors

University of Wisconsin Press
#RaiseUP New Voices
Press committee members share their perspectives and experiences.

Wilfrid Laurier University Press
Perspectives on publishing and raising voices from the newest member of WLU Press
Maia Desjardins

NYU Press
The Magic of Making Books
Ilene Kalish

University of Toronto Press
UP Week Day 1: New Voices
Jodi Litvin
Raising Up Cultural Emblems and Public Art
Amanda Buessecker

University of Missouri Press
“We Have Drank from the Same Canteen”: Veteran Company A, the Civil War, and Reconciliation in Kansas City
Amy Laurel Fluker

Bucknell University Press
Amplifying Voices from Sierra Leone
Shanee Stepakoff

University of Manitoba Press
Looking Out from Anishinaabe Territory
An excerpt from Dammed: The Politics of Loss and Survival in Anishinaabe Territory
Brittany Luby

Amherst College Press
Introducing Amherst College Press’s Internship Program and Community Page
Hannah Brooks-Motl

University of Manchester Press
New Voices – University Press Week
Lucy Burns

Tuesday: Creative Voices

Northwestern University Press
Raising Up Creative Voices: Yxta Maya Murray

University of Michigan Press
Raising Up Creative Voices: University Press Week 2020

University of Notre Dame Press
The Value of University Press Publishing from our Notre Dame Press Colleagues

Athabasca University Press
University Press Week 2020: Creative Voices

Bristol University Press
Writing Fiction as Scholarly Praxis
Rob Kitchin

University of Toronto Press
Creating Light in Dark Times
Charlotte Corden
To Be Witnessed
Thalia Gonzalez Kane

Bucknell University Press
Curators of Creative Error
Kevin Cope

University of British Columbia Press
It’s All in the Design: The Design behind It’s All Good (Unless It’s Not)
Gerilee McBride

Wednesday: Local Voices

Temple University Press
University Press Week: Local Voices
Beverly C. Tomek and Allen Dieterich-Ward

Fordham University Press
Women’s Voices: Expanding the Audubon Park Narrative
Mathew Spady

Syracuse University Press
#RaiseUP: Local Voices
Peggy Solic

University of California Press
Raising Up Local Voices with A People’s Guides to Boston and San Francisco

Manchester University Press
Manchester: Something rich and strange
Paul Dobraszczyk and Sarah Butler

University Press of Kansas
Amplifying Local Voices with Local Partners
A conversation with Danny Caine, Raven Book Store

Penn State University Press
#UPWeek: A Q&A with Kathryn Yahner, editor of Keystone Books

University of Nebraska Press
Local Voices, Scrap Metal Heaps, and the Fate of World War II
James J. Kimble

American School of Classical Studies at Athens
ASCSA Publications Participates in University Press Week 2020
An update from Sylvie Dumont, author of Vrysaki: A Neighborhood Lost in Search of the Athenian Agora

University Press of Mississippi
Shared Voices
John Marszalek III

University of Toronto Press
Local Voices: Another Story Bookshop
Laura Ash and Anjula Gogia
Accidental Wilderness: Toronto’s Tommy Thompson Park
Robert Burley
Beyond the Colonial Cartographic Frame: The Imperative to Decolonize the Map
Reuben Rose-Redwood

University of Virginia Press
Celebrating UP Week with Tom Kapsidelis, author of After Virginia Tech

University Press Week 2020: Recommended Reading 

Thursday: Scientific Voices

University of Alabama Press
#RaisingUP Scientific Voices with NEXUS Series
A conversation with series editors Alan Marcus, Alexandra Hui, and Mark Hersey

Purdue University Press
Raising Up the Science behind the Human-Animal Bond

Princeton University Press
Six Impossible Things
Ingrid Gnerlich

Bristol University Press
The Relevance of Science Communication in the Era of COVID
Claire Wilkinson

Indiana University Press
Science and Critical Thinking
Donald R. Prothero

University of Toronto Press
Science Writing in a Time of Crisis
Mireille F. Ghoussoub
Scientific Trust in the Era of COVID-19
Lacey Cranston

Vanderbilt University Press
Stories from the Natural World
A book trailer for Between the Rocks and the Stars

Columbia University Press
6 Things to Consider before Applying to PhD Programs
Ashley Juavinett

Oregon State University Press
Rebuilding Ecological Resilience
Bruce A. Byers

Johns Hopkins University Press
When Statistics Won’t Suffice: How University Presses Can Act to Support Women in Science
Tiffany Gasbarrini

Friday: Active Voices

University of Chicago Press
Raise UP: Read an Excerpt from Hearing Happiness: Deafness Cures in History
Jaipreet Virdi

University of Notre Dame Press
Our Student Impact at Notre Dame Press
The Value of University Press Publishing from Friends of Notre Dame Press

University of Alberta Press
Raise UP: Valerie Mason-John, Social Justice Poet

University Press of Florida
Activist Archaeology: A Reading List

University of South Carolina Press
Dan Harrison, author of Live at Jackson Station, on #RaiseUP

Bristol University Press
Actively Engaging with Social Challenges as a University Press
Alison Shaw

Amsterdam University Press
Enter the Ghost: Haunted Media Ecologies
Paula Albuquerque

University of Toronto Press
Raise UP: Rae André
Rae André
Progressing a Field through Collective Thinking and Scholarship
Henry Tran

Bucknell University Press
#ActiveVoices: Q&A on African American Arts

Vanderbilt University Press
Policy to Practice: New Book Series

University of Minnesota Press
#ReadUP: Reckoning with Mental Illness

Harvard University Press
Celebrating University Press Week
Thoughts on Racism in America: A Reader

Columbia University Press
Resisters in the 2020 Election and Beyond
Dana R. Fisher

Manchester University Press
Active Voices: Manchester Book Tour
Jen Mellor

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