Bookseller Toolkit for UP Week 2022

Here are 11 things that booksellers can do to participate in University Press Week 2022. (This list of suggestions is also available in a handy, 1-page pdf).

  • Use social media channels to highlight UP Week
    Post your activities and promote all UP Week activities.

  • Use UP Week hashtags when posting about university press titles
    #ReadUP #NextUP #UPWeek

  • Highlight UP Week Gallery titles
    Selected by member presses and available in the early fall, this online gallery offers a small sample of university presses’ pathbreaking work. (our UP Week 2021 Gallery)
  • Promote or participate in the UP Week blog tour
    During the week, we tour the blogs in our larger community, with a series that daily addresses different aspects of that year’s theme. In 2022 we’ll be celebrating our community’s spirit of constant learning, adaptation, and evolution. Share posts from your favorite university press or create posts for your own blog or website. (our UP Week 2021 blog tour)
  • Take advantage of special offers
    Take advantage of special offers from university presses and create window or table displays. Check with your UP sales reps about whether co-op might be available.
  • Highlight university press titles in your store newsletters
    Feature university press titles in your October or November store newsletters.
  • Host a university press author event
    Plan and promote an author event in honor of UP Week.
  • Promote excellent university press books published over the last decade
    Curated by the University Press Week Task Force in 2021, these lists highlight the excellence and innovation of university presses over the past decade. Promote one or create your own!
  • Look for UP Week materials at regional booksellers meetings

  • Handsell a UP title