Event Tips: Press Open House


  • University faculty
  • Editorial Board members
  • Press authors within drivable distance
  • Key university administrators
  • Staff

Treat your guests well:

  • What kind of food and drink options would set the mood and make a good impression?
  • Assemble goodie bags of giveaway items, featuring press or imprint logo.


  • One month in advance: Send a save-the-date notice.
  • 2 weeks in advance: Follow up with an online invitation.

Be prepared for events outside of your control, like weather.

Display books on different tables—regional titles, titles by local faculty, prize-winning titles, etc. Select them to match the interests of your invited audiences.

If the event will be structured, the press director might prepare something to say. Or aim for a more relaxed drop-in-style event with no formal remarks or program.

Repeat as desired.

With thanks to Fordham University Press staff, who originated this checklist for their Open House event during UP Week 2012.