UP Week 2023 Materials

Collateral and Image Files

University Press Week, November 13-17, 2023 logo

Logo fonts:

  • San serif: Avenir (black)
  • Serif: Goudy (OFL Sorts Mill italic)

This year’s colors:

  • yellow in logo:
    hex F7A63E; CMYK 1 40 86 0.
  • blue in banners:
    hex  255F88; CMYK  90  61  26  7.

UP Week 2023 Logo (Download from Dropbox)

Lo-res, web-ready [JPG]

Hi-res, print-ready [PNG]

Social Media Assets (Download from Dropbox)

Speak UP Banner for Twitter [JPG]

Speak UP Banner for Facebook [JPG]

#SpeakUP banner, University Press Week, November 13-17-2023

Print Assets

Printed bookmarks and shelf talkers are available to member presses in limited quantities. To place a request, visit UP Week Forum.

In addition, print-ready files are available, via Dropbox download:

UP Week 2023 Bookseller Toolkit

Suggested activities for booksellers who want to participate in UP Week 2023.

Text Materials

UP Week 2023 reading list

UP Week 2023 announcement

Local press release templates [DOCs] for Gallery entries and events

UP Week 2023 Social Media Toolkit

A collection of social media message prompts, grab-and-go messages, and ready-to-use graphics, designed by members of the UP Week Task Force to assist all in promoting UP Week 2023! Includes:

  • Slides for every title in the #SpeakUP Gallery
  • Collages of each Gallery subject area, along with lists of press names (for Facebook and other social apps) and press handles/hashtags (for X) associated with each collage
  • Suggested bitly links to each Gallery.
  • UPW Events slide for X and Insta, along with X handles of featured presses and people (authors and moderators)