UP Week 2022 Materials

Text Materials

UP Week 2022 reading list [PDF]

UP Week 2022 announcement

Collateral and Image Files

Logo fonts:

  • San serif: Avenir (black)
  • Serif: Goudy (OFL Sorts Mill italic)

This year’s colors:

  • blue in logo:
    hex 2B3990; CMYK 100 95 5 0
  • darkest blue in social media banners:
    hex 16244E; CMYK 100 91 36 40
  • lightest green in social media banners:
    hex 339C76; CMYK 70 0 60 20

UP Week 2022 Logo (Download from Dropbox)

Lo-res, web-ready [JPG]

Hi-res, print-ready [PNG]

Social Media Assets (Download from Dropbox)

Next UP Banner for Twitter [JPG]

Next UP Banner for Facebook [JPG]

UP Week 2022 Bookseller Toolkit

Eleven suggested activities for booksellers who want to participate in UP Week 2022.

UP Week 2022 Social Media Toolkit

A collection of message prompts, grab-and-go messages, and Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook tiles, designed by members of the UP Week Task Force to assist all in promoting UP Week 2022!

Prompts and Messages [DOC], including press handle tags for #NextUP Gallery tiles
Twitter tiles [Dropbox folder]
Instagram tiles {Dropbox folder]
Facebook tiles [Dropbox folder]

Graphics for promoting select events [Dropbox folder]

Print Assets

Printed bookmarks and shelf talkers are available to member presses in limited quantities. To place a request, visit UP Week Forum.

In addition, print-ready files are available, via Dropbox download: